Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb
Hairdressing comb

Hairdressing comb

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Hair care is so simpleļ¼šŸ˜˜

šŸ˜§Knotted hair can cause feelings of unattractiveness in public, and can even lead to a bad first impression. Whether itā€™s for work, a party, a date, or anything in between -Ā our comb will improve confidence knowing that naturally curly or coily hair will always look smooth, shiny, and well-defined.


šŸ¤—Not only does it detangle knots faster than the average wide-tooth comb,Ā but it also massages the scalp as it takes the pain out of detangling.Ā And thatā€™s not all - Our Detangler Brush also glides through the hair gently like a breezeĀ without painful tearing or any extra shedding.Ā 

šŸ˜Our customers love our comb so much,Ā that they even use it to detangle their kidsā€™ hair as well.


  • Save extra timeĀ as the comb takes only 10-12 minutes to detangle hair, while other brushes & combs take up to 30 minutes. Our customers also report that the brush CUTS NUMBER OF WASH DAYS IN HALF!
  • Turn heads everywhere,Ā and be the talk of the party, with hair that looks like itā€™s been styled by the hairdresserĀ daily
  • Stop wasting moneyĀ on other overpriced & painful hair-detangling methods and products that donā€™t even work
  • Experience less shedding and painĀ becauseĀ ourĀ separated bristles evenly distribute pressure while brushing to minimize pulling resulting in less shedding andĀ MUCH LESS PAIN!

    HOWĀ TOĀ USE: (3 Easy Steps)

    • Apply conditioner or wet hair with waterĀ before usingĀ 
    • The comb is flexible so it willĀ bend with the curves in your hair to prevent any excess shedding
    • Brush hair while holding the comb in aĀ vertical position
    • Then flip and brush again while holding comb in aĀ horizontal position
    • Enjoy smooth, shiny, and knotless hair once again with these 3 simple steps


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